• China Issues Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment永利博网站注册永利博集团网站

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    Takehome: NDRC released the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment, which will enter into effect on 1st January 2020. The rubber and plastics industry will transform its direction under the influence of the new Catalogue.
  • New Zealand Proposes Adoption of GHS Revision 7 Classification System永利博国际娱乐网站永利网站官网m 极速猪年好运好博

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    Takehome: New Zealand is consulting on the proposed adoption of the GHS Revision 7 classification system, aiming to increase the efficiency of chemical management, and enhance the effectiveness of the HSNO Act. In the consultation notice, the proposed changes in...
  • Korea MoE Pledges Support for Industry During Chemical Regulatory Compliance永利博网站注册永利博游戏网站

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    Takehome: In response to media stories claiming that K-REACH regulations are plaguing chemical businesses, the Korea MoE published an explanation to reiterate the government’s support for chemical registration. Ever since its introduction and implementation,...
  • South Korea Requires Downstream Information of Registered New Chemicals永利博娱乐正版网站 永利博娱乐场官方网站

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    Takehome: The OSHA requires new chemical registrants to submit downstream information by Nov 22nd, 2019. Priority targets are registered new chemicals suspected as being carcinogenic or posing other serious health risks.
  • Thailand Consults on the Latest Revision of the Hazardous Substances List永利博娱乐官方网站 永利博国际网站开户

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    Takehome: Thailand DOA releases a new revision to the Hazardous Substance List and is seeking feedback from the public. Future use of Glyphosate, Chlorpyrifos, Paraquat, and their derivatives will be prohibited if the draft version passes.
  • China Implements New Safety Technology Requirements for Hazchem Enterprises澳门永利博登入网站永利博赌场网站

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    Takehome: The newly amended GB 18265 is scheduled to take effect on November 1, 2019, putting in place requirements for safety technologies of enterprises handling hazardous chemicals business in China. Previously on February 25 this...
  • China’s Supervision of VOCs Emissions Critical to Combating Grave Environmental Issues永利博网站

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    Takehome: Enterprises shall pay close attention to trends and changes in regulation of VOCs emission which are a priority target in China’s environmental rectification campaign. VOC management is shifting focus towards source control and management of fugitive emissions. More than 400 policy documents and 80 emission standards related to control...
  • China`s VOC Management and Impact on the Chemical Industry永利博网官方网站

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    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that have a low boiling point (below 250ºC) at atmospheric pressure. While most of them are not acutely toxic, they are known to have negative long-term effects on human health. According to a study published in 2017, in China the use of VOC-containing products is the main source of VOC emissions, contributing about 75% of total...
  • China’s Working Plans for the Environmental Management of Chemical Substances永利博官方网站

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    Takehome: China plans to optimize environmental management of chemicals through the implementation of a single overarching chemical regulation which would specify the broad compliance requirements for chemicals throughout their lifecycle and throughout the supply chain. To support this China will also implement two new systems of risk assessment and control, establish and...
  • Introduction of Global Occupational Exposure Limits永利博国际赌场网站

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    1. Historical Perspective on Global Occupational Exposure Limits Adverse health effects from occupational exposure to chemicals has been known for thousands of years. The Romans noted effects from lead and asbestos and later arsenic. A list of “poisons” that have been used for various purposes was well known.  Establishing occupational exposure limits for some...
  • South Korea to Ease Chemical Regulations to Offset Impact of Japanese Export Curbs 永利博娱乐场官方网站

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    The trade friction between South Korea and Japan has attracted considerable attention and led many (click here[1] and...
  • Challenges and Strategies for Chemical Parks in China 永利博娱乐场官方网站

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    China`s approximately 600 chemical parks are currently in a situation that at first glance seems quite enviable. As the government has mandated the relocation of chemical production into chemical parks and imposed tight deadlines, attractive chemical parks get a...
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    How to Comply with Turkey REACH (KKDIK)永利博国际赌场网站


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    Korea GHS and New MSDS Rules under K-OSHA澳门永利博网站注册


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    Understanding Korea Chemicals Control Act永利博网站站


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    Supply Chain Information (eSDS) Transfer under EU REACH Regulation永利博游戏网站

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    Costs of Data Sharing under EU REACH Regulation永利博国际娱乐网站


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